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My true passion is creating art that makes me smile. As an artist and surface pattern designer, I focus on the playful side. You can always find something cute in my art, whether it's hidden or right in your face! I am also the creator of the Circle of Sunshine™ art, patterns, children's books and more!

I fell in love with art the day my mom put a crayon in my hand - drawing, sketching, doodling, coloring, painting, and even sculpting. Ever since that moment, I have been actively involved in art from elementary school to a Bachelors of Art at the University of Central Florida to my long-time career as a graphic designer. .

I reside in Central Florida with my two big-hearted teenagers, two cats (Halo and Willow) , and a three-legged Chihuahua (Blessy). I am a huge lover of animals, kids, nature, trees and really happy art! My favorite color? PINK! If you can't already tell..

Follow me on my  journey!

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